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Student Innovation Project


Dementia 101
for Caregivers
Mobile App

This project focuses on providing information on dementia to caregivers. In addition to providing general information, it will provide the user with a list of recommended tasks to assist in the care and communication of that individual.

This project aims to bridge the gap in dementia care. Globally there are 55 million people with dementia and that is expected to rise to 78 million by 2030 (Dementia, 2021). People caring for loved ones need to be more informed not only about the disease itself, but the progression of it and how to deal with the various symptoms that come along with it.

My target market is primarily caregivers of those with dementia. My aim is to provide basic knowledge and recommendations based on symptoms of the 5 most common types of dementia.

I am focusing on these 5 types, not only because they are the most common, but because as our society continues to live longer, the chances of a random person having to care for someone with dementia.

Dementia. World Health Organization. (2021, September 2). Retrieved January 23, 2022, from,and%20139%20million%20in%202050.

Initial Wireframes

old wireframe.jpg

My initial wireframe was created once my idea was formed.

I had the idea of showcasing the 5 most common types of dementia and offering a "Symptom Management" option, where the user can get more detailed how-to information on symptom management.

I first created rough draft wireframes for how I wanted my application to be laid out. I wanted a simple user interface since my target audience is going to be those who are generally over the age of 50.

alz old wireframe.jpg

Final Wireframes

wireframe 2.png

Each of the 5 dementias have their own information section and their is a separate symptom management section/button.

I would eventually like to expand the application to offer a monthly subscription version, which would allow for the user to sign in and have access to a community forum with other members, access to additional information, and monthly "Streaming with a Professional", where a live stream with a professional who works with dementia is available to lecture and answer questions. 

Final Product

React Native Code

sip code 1.png
sip code 2.png
sip code 3.png

Shown are the five dementia type information section, along with the symptoms tab, and the reference tab.

protopie mainscreen final.png

Dementia 101 for Caregivers video presentation

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